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How To Race

The FWLR Grand Prix is an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) which will test your ability to solve puzzles.

Each song will have a series of puzzles which will start with a link either hidden in the spectral information of the track, or the artwork, or the title, or all of the above.

A free spectrum analyzer can be found here.

When each song is released there will be a starting gate which will limit how far each racer can progress. On the first Saturday after the song has been released I will provide hints and/or passwords which will allow everyone to move past the starting gate and begin the race.

There will be a timer leading up to the start of the race here. 


Once the timer ends it will be replaced with the password/hints. This info will also be posted on The Grand Prix subredditfacebooktwitter, and discord. Most of the race-day action is seen on the #grand-prix channel in my discord.

If all else fails, take any code you find and try putting it at the end of

The first person to cross the finish line will win that race and receive the trophy. You'll know you're at the finish line when you are asked to perform a task and email me a screenshot.

Each winner can only win once per season (First season is 10 races long).

The Sunday after each race I will reveal how the race was won.

Lets Race 🏁

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